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Buyer's guide to green homes in India.

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Sustainable real estate is all about using resources sustainably and addressing the demands of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The tremendous rate of real estate development across the globe, and especially young, emerging nations, is imposing immense pressure on the environment and its natural resources. With such a rapid development, there is a lot at stake when we look at important factors such as energy availability and environmental sustainability. Mounting concern for the environmental impact of real estate has necessitated the formulation of sustainable solutions.

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On the edge: Are Indian real estate heading for a 50% crash in prices?

We all know that real estate in India is terribly expensive and is now selling at prices making it practically unaffordable for almost everybody who wants to buy a home to live in. But how expensive is expensive? This is an important question that needs to be answered. And what is the rental yield in India? As Ashwinder Raj Singh is CEO – Residential Services of JLL India points out in a June 2015 column in The Indian Express: "Rental yields vary across the globe, but an average of 2 per cent of rental yield is considered a good deal for residential properties in India."

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Real estate companies driving sales through efficient modes of advertising and branding.

The realty market is glutted with numerous real estate firms which are launching their astounding ventures. One can explore through hundred of options for investment purpose, if time permits him for that. As the hectic work schedule does not allow us to visit each and every site of the venture to know its ins and outs. Therefore, the real estate firms have adopted the online media to reach the investors. The process of branding has been followed in the real estate market that reaches the targeted audience not only in India but in other countries also.

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Smart cities, the future of living in India

There is a great buzz in India, recently, on Smart cities . The government has embarked on ‘Smart Cities Mission’, one of the Prime Minister’s pet projects and has identified, in the first phase, a list of 98 current cities to be developed into smart cities. Economic growth and improving the quality of life of its citizens are the prime drivers of the mission. To achieve this, government plans to enable local area development by using Digital Technology and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

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Realty shopping in Diwali: Tips on freebies & other offers.

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Do such ‘freebies’ constitute real value for property buyers? The answer to this does not depend solely on what is being offered. It is a normal market phenomenon for incentives to be offered during the festive season, but property buyers should consider the actual value of the property. Diwali is definitely the time of choice for property buyers to invest in their dream home. In fact, property buyers look forward to this festival to sign the papers on their homes because they cherish this traditional time of investing in the future.

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